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January 10, 2007

Back to basics: templating with helpers

Filed under: General, PHP, Tips and tricks — Krof Drakula @ 4:31 pm

If you’re like me (eg. lazy), you’ll have probably tried to make your code as efficient as possible, when it comes to generating output code. And in some cases, you can’t get around declaring your own functions to do your bidding. That’s where helpers come in.


January 9, 2007

Symfony roaring towards RC1

Filed under: General — Krof Drakula @ 12:11 am

With the release of 1.0-beta3, Symfony is (hopefully) one step away from becoming a release candidate for version 1.0.


January 5, 2007

Just in: Symfony Control Panel re-released

Filed under: General, PHP — Krof Drakula @ 11:58 am

If you’re familiar with the 0.6.3+ release of Symfony, you may have heard of/used the control panel, which was previously available for use only on localhost. It did feature a lot of CLI alternatives, but frankly, I found the console to be a much better alternative. But with the new release, Control Panel is back, and it’s on steroids. And best of all, this time round it’s a plugin! (more…)

Making your life easier with Factory design patterns

Filed under: Propel — Krof Drakula @ 9:31 am

This time round, I’d like to share a quick tip to those that may not be aware of how to simplify common tasks, such as fetching a specific group of entries within a table. (more…)

January 2, 2007

New Year’s news and the upcoming book

Filed under: General — Krof Drakula @ 10:21 pm

Well, seems that Fabien and company have been busy little beavers and have managed to put together a Definitive Guide to Symfony, which was in the pipeline for some time now, waiting for Symfony to mature into the 1.0 release.


December 31, 2006

Welcome to YASB!

Filed under: General — Krof Drakula @ 1:48 am

As you may have noticed in the title, this introductory post is meant to be a quick heads-up on just what exactly YASB is about and who’s writing here.

Currently, I’m the lone writer on this blog, but hoping to have other writers join in on the fun. The prevailing theme on this blog will be, as the name suggests, the Symfony framework. Symfony started out as a fork of the Mojavi framework, developed in-house by Sensio, a French-based web agency.


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