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March 30, 2007

Implementing rich GUIs in Symfony

Filed under: HTML, Javascript, Tips and tricks — Krof Drakula @ 9:57 pm

When it comes to rich graphical interfaces, we’re currently being swarmed by all these big and small players readily available on the net – there’s Script.aculo.us, YahooUI, Yui-Ext, Moofx, to name a few of the most prominent. All’s fine and dandy until you try coding some of the stuff inside views of actions.


January 25, 2007

Getting advanced with objects

Filed under: PHP, Tips and tricks — Krof Drakula @ 10:05 am

Just a quick note – if you’re into strict systems specification and architecture, you’re no doubt no stranger to object-oriented patterns and interfaces. In case you were ever tempted to use interfaces in your application, Symfony has a simple way of declaring an instance and having it autoload into the program stack: just declare your interface in a file, named as the interface itself, plus the suffix interface.php. Simple, no?

UPDATE: Per ruzz’s request, I’m posting a quick example:


January 24, 2007

Fixing the column problem in IE6

Filed under: General, HTML, IE, Tips and tricks — Krof Drakula @ 1:31 pm

I’ve just stumbled upon a bug in IE6 that doesn’t manifest itself in IE7, and it has to do with floated elements.

I’ve used 4 floated columns to display 4 independent DIVs and floated them all left within a container DIV element. During development, I’ve been changing widths of the columns to get them aligned just right with the background images. All modern browsers (including Opera, Firefox and IE7) displayed all the columns fine. Except for IE6.


January 23, 2007

Fuzziness helps keep focus

Filed under: General, Tips and tricks — Krof Drakula @ 5:43 pm

Now, this may sound as an oxymoron in itself – how exactly does vagueness help keep the overall picture in focus? It’s been proven that the human brain can perceive information and filter it to effectively perceive the environment – just imagine each eye capturing something like 8-megapixels’ worth of data every 1/30th of a second and processing all that data into a spatial model that we can perceive. Generally speaking, even supercomputers today would croak if you’d ask them to do something even remotely as complex as that.


January 20, 2007

Generating permalinks

Filed under: Database, General, PHP, Tips and tricks — Krof Drakula @ 12:22 am

We’ve all been there – SEO can be quite a pain in the ass when you’re competing against others for exposure. Turns out, much of the tedious content optimization can be resolved in the development phase, using nice and descriptive URLs.


January 10, 2007

Back to basics: templating with helpers

Filed under: General, PHP, Tips and tricks — Krof Drakula @ 4:31 pm

If you’re like me (eg. lazy), you’ll have probably tried to make your code as efficient as possible, when it comes to generating output code. And in some cases, you can’t get around declaring your own functions to do your bidding. That’s where helpers come in.


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