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February 27, 2008

Installing Symfony 1.1 SVN and Symfony 1.0 PEAR packages side-by-side: A Windows Vista How-To (and XP, too)

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As a tie-in to this excellent how-to for installing both versions of Symfony, I’ve decided to extend the method to apply to Vista as well.

EDIT: Symlinks don’t work this way because of the working directory being in C:\PHP where the symlink is located. See below for modified instructions.

First, check out the SVN branch for 1.1 to a directory of your choosing – this can be located anywhere on any storage volume. When the checkout’s done, open a command prompt and navigate into your PHP directory where symfony.bat is already located. In my case, this is C:\PHP and my checkout is D:\Projects\symfony-1.1. As Vista comes with an NTFS file system capable of UNIX-like (not quite, but close enough) symlinks (thanks to camason on #symfony for pointing that out to me), you can create a symlink to Symfony 1.1’s batch file using mklink (you’ll need a command prompt with elevated privileges for this to work):

C:\PHP> mklink symfony-1.1.bat d:\Projects\symfony-1.1\data\bin\symfony.bat

This creates a symbol link to the symfony.bat executable – now I can (assuming I have PATH set to C:\PHP) run symfony-1.1 at the command prompt from anywhere and can use the new branch with the same ease of use as the original article.

Unfortunately, due to symlinks executing with the working directory being in C:\PHP, you’ll get Symfony v. 1.0.x instead. To overcome this, delete the symlink and create a symfony-1.1.bat with the following contents:

@cmd /c d:\Projects\symfony-1.1\data\bin\symfony.bat %*

That will fix the working directory problem and correctly execute Symfony 1.1.

February 19, 2008

Tuesday weirdness: a Symfony on Symbian phones

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A while back, I’ve stumbled upon an interesting, yet exotic, project – PAMP. It promises to bring the full Apache/MySQL/PHP stack to the Symbian phone. So, on a whim, I decided to try it out.

After following the installation instructions (installing on a Nokia N95 with the installation for memory cards) and starting up the PAMP stack, I’ve connected to the home LAN network and navigated my computer’s browser to the phone’s LAN IP. Lo and behold – the almighty “It works!” sign showed up. Even phpinfo() says it’s got most of the bundled extensions enabled (including GD2 and mbstring!).

So, on another whim, I decided to stress test the bugger and see if it runs Symfony. To spare you the excitement – it doesn’t run. Copying the files via USB messes up the file casing, so I had to re-copy the whole shebang using the phone’s sync software (which I’m still doing).

One thing to add though – while copying, I’ve noticed some files will not copy and I’m guessing the culprit is the lenght of the absolute path and name of the file. The first one in question is located inside $sf_data_dir/sfPropelCrud/ somewhere (the damn thing won’t show me which), there are probably more (I’m still copying files by hand). While I’m not using the generator in the test application, it seems there will have to be some workaround to get it working on a this phone (but the question really is – is Symfony really meant to run on phones?).

More to follow.


It seems that using the phone software’s bundled File Manager solves the file casing issue. I still haven’t managed to copy all the files, but those that can’t be copied I’m sure won’t get used anyways (some generator skeletons and such).

Edit nr.2:

Well, all things said and done, it seems PHP segfaults before symfony has even a chance of running anything, but no way of seeing what error is produced, exactly. I haven’t been able to find any Apache logs written anywhere. And no, no Symfony logs to speak of as of now (it segfaults before that point). It could be something to do with UTF-8 encoding – I’ve tried opening a file on the phone with the default file manager and all the YAML files were messed up. I’m not even sure which encoding the phone is using. It’d be a shame if it was limited to ISO-8859-2 or such.

February 6, 2008

Tired of setting up your presentation/testing environment?

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Yeah, I’ve been away a while, had no time to update this blog, but still have been active on freenode’s #symfony channel.

Just a quick tip for anyone interested or looking for a better solution than XAMP – it’s called The Uniform Server. It unzips into a convenient folder anywhere on your computer and sits there until invoked. It’s portable (USB key server, anyone?), self-contained and can be secured and managed via the control panel after you get the server up and running.

It took me just 10 seconds to unzip and start the server (including opening the command prompt and typing Start_server.bat). That’s the fastest Apache/PHP5/MySQL setup I’ve ever done. Maybe not very newbie friendly, but for anyone used to working with LAMP, it should be a breeze.

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