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June 22, 2007

A PHP gotcha within Symfony

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There’s an interesting aspect about using functions within partials, which I’ve written about before – the existence of functions and the dangers of redeclaring them.

The problem here is using partial-specific functions within partials. We’ve had an instance where we needed a function to solve a recursive problem when displaying data within the partial (a complex tree structure).

The quick’n'dirty solution was to declare the function within the partial, which solves the problem. There was no PHP fatal error right up until functional testing. The reason why this error wasn’t spotted before was because the partial was used only once (if it was ever used within a view), thus never realising itself.

When running functional tests, sfTestBrowser instantiates an instance of the sfContext class and runs the application within a single runtime, which means that all registered global functions exist at all times. And because the partial is used by many views, the second the test encountered the second view that used the aforementioned partial, the test died with a PHP fatal error.

As mentioned in the article from before, the solution is to never declare any functions within template PHP files. Any functions that you need (even if it’s used by a single template file) should be declared within a helper and included appropriately. This way, Symfony guarantees the helper will be included exactly once, avoiding the fatal error that would otherwise crash the application.

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  1. nice tip ;)

    Comment by fet — June 22, 2007 @ 6:49 pm

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