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February 28, 2007

Progress update

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I know, I know, I’m getting lazy. Or rather, that’s what it would seem. Lately I’ve had projects coming in on all sides, which extended my field to include developing Flash applications, which is a pain in the. Also, Friday is the big premiere I’ve been bragging about the last couple of weeks.

As far as things here are concerned, I’ve decided to write up a better image manipulation package for Symfony as a plugin, based on the Wideimage project. Yes, it’s yet another open source project I’m involved in, but there are several advantages to incorporating this package into a plugin for various reasons:

  • it handles all GD2-supported image types, other formats can be added by extending the image loader
  • supports all GD2 filters
  • simplifies common tasks for images (resize, blur, sharpen, writing pixels, etc.)
  • supports chaining operations
  • fully extendable on all levels
  • implements an unsharp filter, which enables you to generate sharper thumbnails

For a simple example of just how it works on the user level, have a look at this. Also, have a look at the included demos and unit tests. Yes, the whole package is thoroughly tested.

What this enables you to do is handle image uploads or manipulate images already on the server, for example, adding watermarks or generating grids of cropped images.

More to come after the show. ;)

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