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February 10, 2007

Getting jiggy with the Yahoo! UI library

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I know I’ve been away a while, but I’ve been knee deep in preparing for our upcoming show and finishing up on some projects at work and at home.

More relevantly (is that even an adjective?), I’ve been implementing the Yahoo! UI JS/CSS libraries, augmented with Jack Slocum’s excellent Yui-Ext. It provides incredible flexibility and code logic organization, better than any I’ve seen so far. I especially like Yahoo’s event handlers, which resemble somewhat the .Net approach, where you can actually define your own events and having object calls abstracted via listeners, further improving object isolation. Not only does this guarantee better object interoperability and easier debugging (imagine going through chains after chains every single time), it takes care of all the wiring for you.

So, to get things back on track, I’ll submit some code snippets from the next upcoming project, Horseshoe, for which I’m developing the browser frontend. It’s actually not a Symfony project, but it’s a tool that everyone could use – a test suite browser, supporting multiple testing engines. The testing server and browser will be decoupled, meaning the interface will be consumable by either the HTML/JS client or a wholly different one, since the server will support multiple protocols.

As always, stay tuned.

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